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Road Trip 2007

Road Trip 2007

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Well, I don't have a job or any immediate plans, nor any desire to do anything besides sleep, drink too much wine and smoke too many cigarettes, and sit on the couch. So, let's go to Atlanta, GA, Oklahoma City, OK and Melbourne, FL. My goals for this trip are to be happy, to clear my head, and not obsess about the past or the future. Also, to visit Melbourne, FL and the Florida Institute of Technology.

  • Happy New Year, Lisa! Have a great road trip . . . so why OKC? It's a former haunting ground of mine . . . .
    • OKC is temporary home of Jen and Garrett, and also where magpilv3-7 and I are tranporting her cat and a treadmill to...long story. Hope all is well on Yap. Hopefully I can get back out there soon, pending EPA BOD approval ...?
      • Ahhhh, Yukon, the land of Garth Brooks, where Men are Men and Sheep are . . . scared. Please tell them, "Hello."

        And . . . arggghh, the EPA Board meeting keeps getting pushed back, now we're talking Jan. 22 or 24. Arggggh. And there's a Chinese Vessel with 40 tons of fuel sitting on the reef West of Mogmog . . . .
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